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'Jurassic Park, Texas'? Dallas Mavs Owner Mark Cuban Has A Prehistoric Idea

This sounds like a brilliant NBA-plus idea, as long as the Toronto Raptors don't accuse Cuban of tampering.

DALLAS - Mark Cuban doesn't just own the Dallas Mavericks.

He also owns a town.

The billionaire is the proud owner of a place called Mustang, Texas, a 77-acre town he purchased in 2021 to help the family of a friend who recently passed away from cancer. It is not a thriving metropolis; Mustang was once home to a strip club, liquor store, and trailer park, according to the Dallas Morning News. ... and we're not sure it has all of those things going for it any more.

But what if Cuban turns it into "Jurassic Park, Texas''?

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The owner was on The Drew Barrymore Show earlier this year (hat-tip MySA) and revealed a big idea: The Shark Tank and star - using a connection made on that TV show - hopes to turn Mustang, Texas into Dinosaur, Texas, an entertainment destination that will feature Jurassic Park-like figures.

The idea apparently blossoms from Cuban having invested $500,000 in a start-up company called Dino Don, which is a business that builds robotic, life-sized dinosaurs. The company's owner, "Dino Don'' Lessem, is a true expert, having worked as consultant on the Jurassic Park movies, according to

"He makes the animatronic dinosaurs, these huge dinosaurs that look and sound real," Cuban told Barrymore. "We haven't worked through it yet, but there's a chance we might change Mustang, Texas to Dinosaur, Texas... but that's a long shot."

This sounds like a brilliant NBA-plus idea, as long as the Toronto Raptors don't accuse Cuban of tampering.