Kevin Garnett Credits Mavs Owner Mark Cuban For 'Changing The Game' For NBA Players

Mike Fisher

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban takes heat for decisions made and not made; that is the nature of his job not only as the owner, but also as someone who for 20 years has rolled up his sleeves in terms of decision-making while never shying away from controversy.

But there is a bigger picture here, as NBA icon Kevin Garnett illustrates here.

In the clip, Garnett mentions the first-class treatment Cuban started giving players - the Mavs and the visiting team, too - way back in his early years taking over as the owner of his favorite team.

Garnett also talked flatteringly about Dirk Nowitzki and many other subject. But it's his respect for the innovations pushed by Cuban (many of which are now NBA-industry-standard) that jumps out. ... so much so that Mark Cuban retweeted the clip, thanking KG for the high praise.

When the Mavs' "culture'' goes bad - as was the case when the front office came under scrutiny for sexist misbehavior in the sales department of the team - Cuban understandably takes the heat. But Garnett's point about the little things that make a locker room work is accurate. And the Dallas Mavericks "culture'' in the locker room, as well as dozens of forward-thinking moves by the NBA are in part the product of Mark Cuban pushing and nudging and sometimes even screaming to to have the new concept heard.

It's certainly rewarding for Cuban to hear this praise from a foe like Garnett. It's certainly justified for Mavs Nation to recognize the same.