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Mark Cuban: Mavs Were 'In A Rut,' Cites TikTok, Claims 'Structure' is Changed

Mark Cuban speaks on cultural changes in dealing with a new generation of players.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban believes his previous management team was "in a rut'' and cites TikTok as an example of positive change under new coach Jason Kidd.

On Dallas' The Ticket, Cuban spoke of how GM Nico Harrison and the new additions to the front office and coaching staff better relate to younger players than the previous regime. 

Before Cuban explained how TikTok is so important to coaching and overall communication, he suggested the Mavericks have added more structure than before.

"Our practices are very organized,'' Cuban said. "Everyone knows their exact roles."  

The Mavericks have raved about how the rejuvenated chemistry radiated throughout the locker room leading up to the season. Talks of "vibes'' were a part of that. It's an educated guess that Mavericks, at least for now, have better morale than the 2020-2021 campaign.

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Is a younger staff's understanding of things like social media part of that?

Said Cuban: "A 21-year-old today is different than a 27-year-old. The 21-year-old grew up with TikTok and with Instagram and being on Instagram all the time. The 27-year-old, when they were in high school, TikTok wasn't a thing at all. 

"It's just a different mindset in how you accept coaching."

Relating to the younger generation is a constant challenge for head coaches, even for former players such as Kidd. It is worth noting that former coach Rick Carlisle might argue that he related just fine.

Currently, the Mavericks sit at a 1-1 record, with the Houston Rockets coming into the American Airlines Tuesday evening. Follow for everything relating to the Mavericks. ... including whether "structure'' and maybe even TikTok helps Dallas win.