DALLAS - NBA opinion-leaders Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal are on-record saying that COVID-19 is enough now to give up the season. NBA opinion-leader Mark Cuban - as cautious as he continues to be about needing a return from hiatus to "be perfect'' - says Barkley and Shaq are off-base.

"I love those guys but they're wrong," Cuban said. "Guys want to play, there's still a season to be finished out, I still think we can play a few games and then go into the playoffs and crown a champion... let's go, let's play."

Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, thinks the NBA, because of its relatively small rosters, might be better able to return than some sports. Beyond that, he reiterated the idea that the American public is in need of entertainment.

"We need something to get excited about," Cuban said on ESPN's Now or Never. "I mean, watching cornhole on ESPN ain't it."

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O'Neal's stance: He thinks commissioner Adam Silver "should just call it this year... and come back next year,'' via The DA Show on CBS Sports Radio.

Barkley's stance: Via The Dan LeBatard Show he believes "it's too dangerous" to return anytime soon.

Silver recently met with the league's Board of Governors reportedly oversaw a feeling about optimism about "momentum toward an NBA return to play this season." Cuban apparently shares that feeling.

"How it's all managed and how players relate to each other and support each other is going to be critical to making it work,'' Cuban said.