Mark Cuban plans to talk to Dirk Nowitzki about Mavs' part-ownership

Dalton Trigg

During the Dallas Mavericks' exit interviews for the 2018-2019 season, Dirk Nowitzki expressed excitement for the next phase of his life after retiring from the NBA.

"Day one of the rest of my life starts," said Nowitzki. "Where I don't have to think basketball at all times. You know, it consumes your energy, and that's the way I wanted it. Like I said yesterday, living, breathing basketball at all times, and it's time to move on. Basketball will always be a big part of my life, but not for now. I need a little break, I need to get away. I need to enjoy other things in life that have come short the last 20 years. I want to travel a bunch. I want to enjoy my family, and now is the time to do so."

So far, Nowitzki has thoroughly enjoyed retirement by traveling with his family and being able to eat whatever he wants. Although, as Nowitzki recently admitted, he's had to dial it back a little bit in the food department.

"I’ve had to slow down a little," Nowitzki said at his celebrity tennis match last weekend. "It was heading toward three bills there. So I did a week of fasting when I came back."

I'm sure Nowitzki still has a decent amount of time remaining before the retirement life loses some of its shine, but one has to wonder what could be the next big thing for The Big German. The FIBA Central Board recently announced Nowitzki as being the new Chair of the Player's Commission, a term that will run through 2023. Nowitzki has also been consistent in saying that he'll continue to be around the Mavs in some way going forward as well.

Dirk Nowitzki sitting with long-time mentor Holger Geschwindner at the 2019 FIBA World Cup.
Dirk Nowitzki sitting with long-time mentor Holger Geschwindner at the 2019 FIBA World

During Nowitzki's final exit interview, he responded to a question, stating that he'd be "honored" to be a part-owner of the Mavs one day. So naturally, we went to the boss man himself to get his thoughts on that idea.

"Absolutely," Cuban told in an exclusive 1-on-1 interview. "I'll have the convo with Dirk in the future. There is a lot of things involved to make it all work. But it would be awesome."

There are many steps we're expecting the Mavs to take in the near future to further immortalize Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas Mavericks' lore, including putting a silhouette of his patented one-legged fade-away on the team's new court, retiring his jersey in the rafters, and erecting a statue of Nowitzki outside of American Airlines Center. To us, all of those things just 'feel right,' given how beloved Nowitzki is in the Dallas community. 

Nowitzki potentially joining his good friend Cuban as part-owner of the franchise they built together? Well, that just 'feels right,' too.