Here's What's Surprising Mark Cuban About NBA Players' Hiatus Habits


DALLAS – Start with competitive young men, add in some unexpected time off, subtract the ability to travel and you’ve got a recipe for some serious ... what?

The "what'' is what has surprised Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban the most about the NBA amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

“The capacity of NBA players to play video games,” Cuban said in an exclusive interview with “It’s limitless! I had no idea so many of them were gamers. I knew we had a few guys but it seems like it’s every player!”

Waiting for their season to resume, the amount of professional basketball players taking their skills to video games is gigantic. The ensuing trash talk on social media is even better.

Dallas star Luka Doncic’s injured thumb may not be getting much rest. Last season’s Rookie of the Year has been dominating his teammates via FIFA 20. Doncic challenged Mavs point guard Jalen Brunson and streamed the game for fans on Caffeine.

Brunson lost, which means the Philadelphia Eagles fan will soon have to wear Dallas Cowboys gear in a bet payout.

The Mavs aren’t the only team who are bonding and staying connected over video games. Beginning Friday, April 3, 16 NBA players will compete in an NBA 2K tournament, aired on ESPN and ESPN2.

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant is the No. 1 seed, which is based off the player rating in the game. Some other players competing are Trae Young, Hassan Whiteside, Donovan Mitchell and Devin Booker.

The winner of the event will receive $100,000 to give to a charity in support of the coronavirus relief efforts.

Sports bring communities together; something we direly miss in this unprecedented time in our world. For now, without basketball games, virtual games will have to do.

Although, Cuban’s daily dose of sports is not online. Cuban cycles with a goal of climbing the Peloton leaderboard and shoots baskets with his son.

He has also been a sound voice and crisis leader through the NBA hiatus. Minutes after the NBA announced the postponement, Cuban gave a calm and insightful message on the sidelines during the Mavs last game before hiatus. Since, he has supported the Dallas community through the #OpenForDelivery campaign, provided meals for health care professionals and aid for arena employees.

The NBA suspended play on March 11. If the season resumes, the Mavs (40-27) will be in seventh place in the Western Conference standings.

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