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Luka Doncic has been selected to his second All-Star Game in as many seasons, and on Sunday night in Atlanta (7 p.m. on TNT) will be repping "Team LeBron.''

And it's nothing personal, but ... the Dallas Mavs' 22-year-old standout has a preference for the way these games should be played in the future.

Luka thinks they should be played as they were in the past.

"I think it should go back to the West and the East,'' Doncic said via a Sunday Zoom session. "That’s what I like. That’s the format I think should happen again."

Increasingly, Doncic himself might get a voice in such things - or, anyway, get a voice in being the lead of a future "Team Luka'' should the format remain in its present state, which features a star from each conference (LeBron in the West, Giannis in the East) conducing a "draft'' of selected players.

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Doncic, of course, was selected as Rookie of the Year, then All-NBA First Team, and is now a perennial NBA All-Star starter.

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LeBron always wants Doncic on his team. Someday, as Doncic is also about to become a perennial MVP candidate, maybe it'll be "his Team.'' Or maybe Luka - who has largely kept such opinions to himself over his brief NBA career - will be involved in a push to go retro to when the All-Star game was between the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, players from each conference - the West vs. the East - going at it.

Luka does have one happy note about the present NBA circumstance, which due to COVID has made this a one-day, no-fans, light-media weekend.

"For me, it's way better,'' Doncic said of the quarantined game. "It's quicker. You're in and out ... It's way different. I wish the fans were here.''

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