Mavs PR boss Sarah Melton is retiring - with her ever-present smile intact

Mavs PR boss Sarah Melton is retiring - with her ever-present smile intact

On Sunday morning we visited with Sarah Melton, for 20 seasons the cheerful and talented PR representative of the Dallas Mavericks, and it's a bittersweet truth: She's retiring from her post, effective at the end of this week.

"I had a big dream to work in sports when I was a little girl in Fort Wayne, Indiana and it came true,'' Sarah writes in a statement to the DFW media. "It has been an honor to represent the Dallas Mavericks in this capacity.''

It's been an honor to work with Sarah from our side as well. The Mavs have experienced difficult times on the court, and wondrous times, too ... difficult times in the front office and wondrous times, too. ... And the steady hand of Sarah has always been there as an aide to the organization and as an aide to the media members who are conduits to MFFL.

A friend of Sarah's calls this "bittersweet'' because while she and her family will surely now enjoy a view of the world from somewhere besides a press row in a gym, she will also be leaving a passion ... and leaving those of us who share that passion.

Sarah tells the media, "Thank you for trusting me to do a job that has been so fulfilling.'' And she passes the torch to PR staffers Scott Tomlin and Alan Rakowski, of whom she says, "I am so grateful to them both for their tireless work ethic and dedication to this organization.''

Sarah closes by saying, "This is not 'good-bye' but (rather a) 'see you again soon.'' ... a promise her media friends will insist she keeps.