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Kyle Lowry Free Agency: Who Has 'Advantage' Over Mavs?

The Miami Heat hold an 'advantage' over the Dallas Mavericks and New Orleans Pelicans in the Kyle Lowry sweepstakes.

DALLAS - The top priority for the Dallas Mavericks in free agency has widely been reported as being Kyle Lowry after shifting course from Kawhi Leonard as the 'Plan A.'.

There will be no shortage of competition for Lowry's services at the beginning of free agency. 

The New Orleans Pelicans made a big trade to clear the cap space to offer a massive contract but there's another team to keep an eye on; the Miami Heat. 

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, the Heat, Mavericks, and Pelicans will all be at the 'forefront' of the Kyle Lowry sweepstakes at the start of free agency. One advantage Miami holds is the 'close relationship' Lowry has with Jimmy Butler. 

"Miami, Dallas and New Orleans will be at the forefront of the pursuit for Toronto’s Kyle Lowry once free-agent negotiations are permissible at 6 p.m. ET on Monday. Lowry is the top target for all three teams. The Heat would appear to have a recruiting advantage through Lowry’s close relationship with Miami star Jimmy Butler."

Lowry, 35, is set to command a massive price tag for an aging, undersized guard without an All-NBA appearance. There are some risks associated with signing a player of this caliber to such a large deal given the circumstances.

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According to ProFitX, Lowry is projected to be valued at $25.6 million but he will surely command considerably greater than that. This is something teams like the Mavericks and Pelicans will need to be willing to do. 

The upside is significant for the Mavericks despite the potential risks involved. Lowry is another high-level creator that can serve as a shot creator and playmaker in pretty much every half-court action imaginable. 

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With Lowry, the Mavericks would also have a reliable option to run the half-court offense when Doncic is on the sidelines. The value of that goes a long way with all things considered. 

It does appear as though the Mavericks would be wise to get "Plan B" and "Plan C" in-line in the event Lowry were to use them as leverage to sign with the Heat on a massive contract.