Step Back podcast Ep. 40: Interview with Mavs owner Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban joins The Step Back: A Mavs Podcast to discuss the impact of Porzingis and Doncic, plus much, much more!

Welcome to Episode 40 of 'The Step Back: A Mavs Podcast'. Dalton Trigg and Matt Galatzan are your hosts, and you can read all of their work here at, as well as follow along with their Mavs conversations on Twitter: @dalton_trigg and @MattGalatzan.

On this special episode, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban stopped by to hang out with us for a little while to discuss a variety of topics, including: the Mavs' hiring of former player Nick Van Exel, his initial thoughts on what he's seen from Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic so far during the preseason, how those two will be able to sustain the Mavs' culture going forward, whether or not NCAA players potentially being paid for their likeliness is a good thing or not, and much more!

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We are truly excited to bring you the best content we possibly can, and as mentioned on the pod, going forward our plan is to discuss the latest breaking news, as well as bring you Q&A shows and eventually get some more great guests like Cuban to join us as the year goes on. And of course, we love to continue the discussion on DBcom Boards as well.

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