WATCH: Mavs Luka Doncic Juggles A Valued COVID-19 Asset

Dalton Trigg

Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic is a man of many talents. Not only can he break you down on the basketball court, but he can also crush your soul in the virtual world as well - just ask his teammate, Jalen Brunson, who recently endured a 6-2 loss to Doncic in FIFA while both players continue to practice "social distancing" amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

After a full week with no basketball, though, Doncic has shown us all another skill he possesses: juggling toilet paper (a highly-valued Coronavirus asset) with his feet, as he normally would with a soccer ball (the audience gasps in amazement).

I guess you could say that, when it comes to juggling toilet paper, Luka Doncic wipes away the competition (the same audience starts to 'boo').

The first thing that needs to be talked about here is Doncic's impeccable form. Look how he effortlessly kicks the toilet paper from one foot to the other, then off his chest and back down to his foot before ultimately losing control due to the cylindrical shape of said toilet paper.

Somewhere in either Arizona or California, a self-quarantined Steve Nash is smiling with approval.

Next, let's briefly point out that Doncic may or may not be growing a man-bun.

It's not quite on Ricky Rubio's level yet, but by the time the NBA is back in action, Doncic could have a completely new look, for better or worse.

Finally, even though this is all just fun and games out of sheer boredom, let's all hope that Doncic removes his socks the next time he decides to make one of these videos. 

At the end of the video, Doncic, who is already trying heal up his wrist, thumb and ankle, slips on his hardwood floor - and we all know that the refs aren't going to call a foul on the hardwood floor, so Doncic must do all he can going forward to protect himself.