What Mavs Are Getting in Josh Richardson Trade

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - We know what the Dallas Mavericks are giving up in Seth Curry - one of the best by-the-numbers perimeters shooters in the NBA.

So, in the NBA Draft Night trade that sends Curry to Philadelphia, what are the Mavs getting in Josh Richardson - and in draftee Tyler Bey, the pick at 36 who is also part of the swap?

Richardson, 27, is a defensive stopper - or almost at that level. Along with at least two of Dallas' three selections, it's clear that adding defensive toughness was a priority; first-rounder Josh Green of Arizona brings that, and Colorado's  Bey (the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year) does it, too. (Stanford's 6-2 point guard Tyrell Terry is worthy of further examination here, but right now, looks like a long-bomber.)

Richardson had a down offseason in Philadelphia - but in the season before, the 6-5 wing averaged 16.6 points, 3.6 rebounds, 4.1 assists, and 1.1 steals in 34.8 minutes per game. He was with the Miami Heat then, and was a key piece in the trade that brought Jimmy Butler there.

Richardson is a career 36.3 percent 3-point shooter. It's not hard to imagine him returning to form on offense in coach Rick Carlisle's system (while playing alongside Luka Doncic.) And again, on defense? In Philly he guarded wings and point guards alike. He can "star'' on that end. 

Richardson is affordable, as he is under contract for $10.8 million next season with a player option at $11.6 million in 2021. ... meaning he has contractual flexibility as a future asset, too. 

Curry will go to a place where his father-in-law, Doc Rivers, is the new coach - for a Sixers team trying to re-make itself offensively. Richardson will join a Mavericks team that is historically brilliant on offense ... but with him, and maybe the two rookies, too, are more muscled up on the defensive end as well.