When Will Cuban and the Mavs Retire Dirk Nowitzki's Jersey? (And What About The Statue?)

Mike Fisher

All Dallas Mavericks followers know that coming soon will be a Dirk Nowitzki jersey retirement ceremony to celebrate his brilliant 21-year career with the Mavs. And we also all know that owner Mark Cuban has talked about the building of a statue to commemorate forever all the things that Dirk has meant to the Mavs and to DFW.

But ... when?

According to a report from NBA.com, Mavs owner Cuban is reiterating something he recently told DallasBasketball.com, that he is contemplating the retirement of Nowitzki’s No. 41 jersey as soon as this season. The problem? We're already at the halfway mark of "this season.''

Time's a wastin'!

“Dirk and I are discussing it,” Cuban told Mavs.com. “We’re trying to figure it out. ... The challenge is just getting it all done just because it’s not a lot of home games left. It’s only like (19) home games left, so that’s the hard part.

"So we’re discussing it now whether it’ll be now or one of the first couple of games next year.”

A cynic might note that had plans come together a few months ago, there would've been 41 home games from which to choose, not just 19 or so. At the same time, "this year'' or "next year'' maybe doesn't matter as much as getting it exactly right. 

Same thing goes with building a statue in Nowitzki’s likeness.

“We’re also talking about hopefully being able to unveil a model for the statue at the beginning of next year as well,” Cuban said. “So hopefully we can put the two together. Nothing is etched in stone yet, but we’re looking at it.”

Oh, and one more thing: We're still intrigued by the idea, first revealed by DBcom, that Cuban might involve Dirk in Mavs ownership. Stay tuned.