NBA Draft Pod: Mavs 'Win The Night' With Green, Terry, Bey & Richardson Acquisitions

After staying relatively quiet this entire week up to this point, the Dallas Mavericks ended up hitting a home run in the NBA Draft on Wednesday night, drafting Josh Green, Tyrell Terry, and Tyler Bey, while also acquiring Josh Richardson from the Philadelphia 76ers.
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The Dallas Mavericks accomplished everything they set out to accomplish in Wednesday night's NBA Draft. Not only did Dallas draft athletic Arizona wing Josh Green with the No. 18 pick, a player who checks all the boxes for what the Mavs currently need, but they also ended up drafting Stanford sharp-shooter Tyrell Terry with the No. 31 pick in the second round.

Shortly after the Terry pick, Seth Curry was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers for two-way shooting guard Josh Richardson and the No. 36 pick in the draft, which turned into Tyler Bey, a 6'7" defensive-minded wing who could potentially help the Mavs sooner than later. The Mavs needed more defense, wing depth, size, and athleticism, and they accomplished all of those things in one night's work, as well as potentially replacing Curry's sharp three-point shooting with Terry's. In fact, the Ringer's Kevin O'Connor went as far as to say that Terry will be the "steal of the draft."

On this episode of the Mavs Step Back Podcast, the guys go over each move individually, while also looking ahead to what could come in the next few days with free agency starting on Friday evening.

Not only are the players the Mavs acquired on this night exciting on their own, but they will fit perfectly next to 21-year-old franchise superstar Luka Doncic. Doncic is already a nightmare for any team in the league to deal with, just ask Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers. Now, though, by surrounding Doncic with more shooting, athleticism, and defense, the Mavs should be able to take the next step next season. ... And again, we haven't even gotten to free agency yet, where the Mavs could still add a couple more difference-makers before training camp starts on December 1st.

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