Bridges Unavailable: Brooklyn Nets Have 'Zero Interest' in Trading Star

Brooklyn reportedly hasn't held trade talks surrounding their franchise cornerstone.
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While off-season banter between Mikal Bridges and the New York Knicks' Villanova trio continues to dominate headlines, it reportedly does not impact the Nets' willingness to move the 27-year-old.

Per The Athletic's Fred Katz, Brooklyn has expressed "zero interest" in moving their most promising piece. Katz writes that the Nets future plans involve Bridges being the "costar to whichever big name [they] can trade for down the line."

Here we go again.

Letting rivals know Bridges is not touchable is a great start to the Jordi Fernandez era. But why must Brooklyn always be seeking that "big name" trade? Through a glass-half-full lens, general manager Sean Marks has not allowed rival team's to change the franchise's plans. He even went as far as turning down an offer from the Houston Rockets including Jalen Green and multiple first-round picks. The organization's commitment to Bridges is commendable, and marks the beginning of a total culture rehaul.

Through a glass-half-empty lens, the Nets are holding on to Bridges for all the wrong reasons. They always seem so set on making that "big-time splash" move that always comes back to haunt them. Just take one glance at the two team's competing in this year's NBA Finals, and fans will find multiple Nets descendents making an impact on the league's biggest stage.

Is Brooklyn making the right decision holding onto Bridges? From a culture stand-point, certainly. Outside stars will feel comfortable making the transition to the Nets in the future due to the loyalty they're showing "their guy." But, holding onto Bridges should be because he is the right player to lead the squad into future success, not because he will be the one to convince big names to team up with him.

It will be interesting to see if Brooklyn avoids making the same mistake again, or if the ringless franchise continues to let history repeat itself.

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