COVID-19 presenting mental health challenges

Athletes battling psychological impact of COVID-19
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Trying to stay in shape while battling COVID-19 restrictions isn't the only issue for the elite athletes that make up our sporting landscape. All over the world athletes are being forced to stay away from doing what they love and it's presented some mental health challenges for the world's best.

Even the physically strongest athletes like Simone Biles are struggling with the stress of the pandemic, Sports Illustrated's Julie Kliegman writes in the latest Daily Cover story.

“I knew mentally [social distancing] would be harder than physically, because your coaches will prepare you for your competitions whenever you need to be prepared for them,” Biles said. “But mentally, that’s a whole ’nother ball game.”

Thankfully, mental illness has become less taboo to talk about with each and every passing year. In the NBA, athletes like DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love have championed the conversation, discussing the mental health issues they have battled in the past. It's why DeRozan took to Instagram back in late March to chat with sports psychologist Dr. Kensa Gunter about what people can do to cope with the stay-at-home orders and isolation so many people are struggling with.

Hopefully, as Chicago White Sox sport psychologist Jeffrey Fishbein points out, there are some positives changes we can all make to our lives. 

“Do I need to live my life a little bit differently? Do I need to look at my own behavior? We’re faced with getting to know our families better,” he says, laughing. It’s about perspective. “When we come back to sport, maybe we react to the bad game a little bit differently, or the missed putt a little bit differently.”