The biggest offseason question for the Toronto Raptors may be answered very soon.

Later this week Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment is reportedly planning to meet with Masai Ujiri to discuss a contract extension and, by all accounts, a deal should be worked out between the team president and the organization, according to Sportsnet's Michael Grange.

“Masai doesn’t share a lot; he’s very private and strategic in his own way,” said the source close to MLSE. “But if you were asking ‘Are they going to sign Masai?’ I would put it at 95 per cent yes.” - Grange reported

It's obvious that Toronto wants to have him back, but Grange's reporting has made it clear that MLSE is willing to do almost anything to retain arguably the best executive in the sport. Aside from an ownership stake in the team, which is "unlikely," according to Grange, MLSE is offering the beautiful city of Toronto and a contract that meets whatever financial terms he's looking for.

“There is nothing he can get somewhere else he can’t get here,” said the source close to MLSE. “His family loves Toronto. Toronto loves Masai. They’re going to pay him a lot of money. Like, why would he [leave]?” - Grange reported.

Ujiri has been acting like a man who knows he's going to be around for the next little while, both according to Grange's reporting and Fred VanVleet. Toronto's 27-year-old guard said he's seen no indication from Ujiri that he's looking to find a way out of the organization.

So far things have been almost silent on the Ujiri front. He's been reluctant to show his hand and MLSE hasn't leaked much information about future negotiations, but Grange's report should ease some concerns. If his sources are right, Ujiri should be back manning the ship for at least the next few seasons.

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