Freddie Gillespie isn't going to do anything to risk his spot within the Toronto Raptors organization.

The newest member of the organization is still trying to earn his spot on the team and doesn't want to give the Raptors any reason to part ways with him when his 10-day contract expires next week.

One of the biggest things Gillespie has had to get used to lately is Toronto's complex defensive scheme.

"The defensive system we have here is one I have never ... I mean I have looked at defences and been around basketball for a minute now and the way we run it here is something totally new to me, totally foreign," he said Thursday. "It was cool to learn something new."

Naturally, Gillespie was asked a follow-up question to his response. How exactly is it different from anything he's ever done before?

Well, that was a question Gillespie couldn't or at least wouldn't answer. He turned to Raptors media relations staff and asked if it was OK if he could answer the question or if it would give the rest of the league some insider information the next time they play Toronto.

"If I was like here's what's different, what if like a team, what if the [New York] Knicks are scouting this right now and are like 'ah that's what we were missing,'" he asked Raptors PR.

Even after some light reassuring that it was OK, it was a risk Gillespie couldn't take.

"I’m still trying to earn my stripes here, so I’m going to a more veteran player answer that question," he said smiling.

Gillespie's spot on the team already looks pretty safe for the rest of the season based on his play, but now the organization knows it won't have to worry about any leaks coming out any time soon.

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