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The Toronto Raptors keep shooting up Vegas odds as one of the league's most likely teams to land Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant.

At one point earlier this past week Toronto was sitting fifth at +700 to land Durant, but the Raptors have suddenly jumped to +400 and the second-highest best odds to acquire the all-world forward, according to DraftKings.

The Phoenix Suns still remain the heavy favorites at -165, conveying about a 62% chance Durant lands in Phoenix. The Suns are reportedly one of Durant's preferred destinations and a package involving Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges may be enough to entice the Nets into a deal.

Vegas believes the Suns and Raptors are the only teams more likely to acquire Durant than for him to remain with the Nets next season. Brooklyn sits at +850 to retain its superstar scorer through the summer. Miami and Chicago sit at +950 and +1000, respectively, conveying about a 10% chance the Heat or Bulls pull off a deal.

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Toronto also sits at +3,000 to be Donovan Mitchell's team for next season. Those are the seventh-highest odds in the league, behind the Jazz, Heat, Nets, Knicks, Lakers, and Trail Blazers, respectively.

The Raptors also sit at +3,500 to be Kyrie Irving's next team. Those are the 14th highest odds in the league, well behind the Los Angeles Lakers who sit at -350, the odds on favorites to land the mercurial point guard.

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