When Kyle Lowry finally rides off into the sunset it'll be as a member of the Toronto Raptors.

"I will retire as a Toronto Raptor," Lowry said Wednesday night.

What that actually means Lowry left a little vague. He and the organization are just 15 days away from the NBA Trade Deadline and while it currently seems unlikely the Raptors are going to deal their 34-year-old franchise icon, a lot can change in the next two weeks. Then there's Lowry's upcoming free agency. He'll head into the 2021 offseason as a 35-year-old point guard and one of the most talented players on the market. Toronto will certainly be interested in bringing him back, but it'll come down to price for both Lowry and the organization.

"Whatever happens happens," Lowry said. "At the end of day, myself, my agent, the organization, everyone has to do what’s right for them."

Lowry acknowledged the possibility of signing a one-day contract to officially end his career with Toronto even if that means the final full season of his career comes elsewhere.

"I don't know what the crystal ball says, I don't know what’s going to happen, I don't know what they're thinking, I'm thinking, we just kind of get to that point and figure it out from there," he said.

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Even as his career begins to wind down, Lowry isn't one to reflect on his past. He's more focused on bringing the Raptors back to the promised land than resting on his laurels and riding out the final years of his career. But for a brief moment, as he quelled rumours of an imminent trade deadline departure he articulated what what the organization and the city have meant to him.

"Toronto has been my team. It's the team I've been a part of that's been a franchise that's helped me become the player I've become, the man I've become," he said. "It's just the connection that we have, it's always been home to me. It's where I've become who I've become in the situation so it will always be."

When it is all said and done, Lowry knows he's left the organization in good hands. He's helped develop Fred VanVleet into one of the league's premier point guards and an All-Star caliber player. Pascal Siakam is a reigning second-team All-NBA player and a former league's Most Improved Player. 

"I wanted to see Freddie and Pascal and OG [Anunoby] and Norm [Powell] take these steps, and it's amazing for me to watch these guys grow," Lowry said. "That makes me so happy, that makes me really happy to see these guys taking the next step and understanding what they can be and kind of coming into themselves a lot more."

Whatever happens at the deadline or in the offseason won't change what he's meant to the organization. Whenever he does retire at some point down the road, there will plenty of time to celebrate his Toronto tenure.

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