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The man who almost single-handedly ended DeMar DeRozan's Toronto Raptors career says the Raptors legend deserves a significant celebration one day.

LeBron James took to social media this weekend to say DeRozan "absolutely" deserves to have his No. 10 retired by the Raptors.

"THATS (sic) A REAL QUESTION??? LOL. ABSOLUTELY THEY SHOULD," James wrote underneath a question from thehoopsfilms about whether or not Toronto should retire DeRozan's number.

DeRozan spent nine seasons in Toronto and left as the organization's all-time leader in both points scored and games played. He was drafted 9th overall in 2009 and quickly became a star, earning four all-star game nominations, All-NBA third team honors in 2017, and All-NBA second team honors in 2018.

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Unfortunately for DeRozan, James always seemed to stand in his way. His final four playoff exits with the Raptors all came at the hands of James, either with the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Miami Heat. Eventually, in the summer of 2018, Toronto decided to trade DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard en route to the organization's first NBA championship.

The Raptors are yet to retire anyone's jersey but they have said they plan to honor Kyle Lowry one day by having his No. 7 hoisted up to the rafters. Once Lowry is enshrined, DeRozan, Chris Bosh, and Vince Carter will all likely be honored in a similar fashion.

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