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Rockets Guard Ben McLemore Works to Gather Respirator Masks During COVID-19 Crisis

Ben McLemore became the latest Rocket to step up during the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday as he announced his partnership with C3 International to "fill the critical void of N95 respirator masks."

McLemore announced the partnership between C3 and the Kevin McLemore Foundation on Instagram. 

"The Kevin McLemore foundation and I have been working to find ways to best support COVID-19 relief efforts and to direct our resources where we can make a difference. We have identified a critical shortage of N95 respirator masks," McLemore wrote on Tuesday. "My management and I have partnered with manufacturer C3 International who has stepped up to fill the critical void of N95 respirator masks."

"We have initiated plans to purchase masks and donate them to hospitals in need. As we are limited to the amount of hospitals we can help, C3 International has graciously offered to provide these masks to any person or facility in need at manufacturer cost."

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McLemore followed teammate Russell Westbrook in helping out during the COVID-19 crisis. Westbrook donated to the Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles on Monday, and he asked his social media followers to do the same. 

McLemore implored his Instagram followers to "stay safe and remain vigilant," during the public health crisis on Monday.

"I miss basketball. I miss my teammates. I miss the fans. But we have to take this seriously to be able to save something even greater–humanity," McLemore wrote. "Let’s band together, heed the advice of medical professionals and take this social distancing seriously. The thought that Covoid can only significantly affect older people is a myth. Young people are dying. Stay safe and remain vigilant so that we can get back to the lives we miss.

McLemore is averaging 9.8 points and 22.8 minutes per game in 2019-20, his first year with the Rockets. He is shooting 39.5% from three.