Report: NBA GMs Support 'Playoffs Plus' Format With at Least 20 Teams

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The NBA returned the results of their general manager survey on Friday, with 83% of general managers supporting a "playoffs-plus" format with at least 20 teams, according to The Athletic's Shams Charania

A playoffs-plus format would likely include a play-in tournament for a determined number of teams. The top six seeds in each conference could receive automatic admission into the traditional playoff bracket, while the final two seeds would be determined by a play-in situation. The number of teams in a potential play-in tournament has not been specified, though it could be comprised of the No. 7 through No. 10 seeds in each conference. 

Surveys were issued to the NBA's 30 general managers on May 23, asking for their vote on a slate of contingencies for resuming the 2019-20 season. And while the GMs were largely in agreement regarding the playoffs-plus idea, the rest of their responses were less conclusive. 

53% of general managers supported the NBA advancing directly to the playoffs, while 27% hope to see an abbreviated end to the regular season. Votes on whether to resume the season were reportedly "split," among non-playoff teams, per Charania

The NBA's GM survey also included a question on how to seed the postseason. 53% of general managers want to keep the traditional conference seeding, while 47% hope to see the playoffs seeded 1-16.

The Rockets are currently slated to face the Nuggets in the first round if the playoff seeding continues in its traditional conference-based form. They could face the Jazz for the third straight postseason if the league opts for 1-16 seeding.