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Are Nets Asking Too Much for Kevin Durant?

The Phoenix Suns have been just one of a few teams trying to acquire Durant, with no success thus far.

Will the Phoenix Suns find a way to seal the deal for Kevin Durant? 

The Brooklyn Nets have reportedly set the price tag extremely high for Durant, as no team has been capable of matching those offers thus far.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst said the asking price is currently too high for teams interested in bringing on the star scorer:

"Well my phone is no longer exploding, it's gone quite quiet on this front. One of my favorite pieces of information that Woj (Adrian Wojnarowski) gave us in those first hours was that calls were coming back to up offers to Brooklyn even before they had gotten a response from the Nets to reject the offer," said Windhorst.

"But the truth is we truly have a one of a kind situation on the trade market. Durant’s price is so high that nobody can afford to pay it, because if you execute a trade that makes your team weaker, then the point of you even calling to acquire Kevin Durant is failed. So here we have something that’s extremely valuable that nobody wants to buy at its price.

"So when that happens two things usually happen in the market, in the supply and demand world; one is the price either gets lowered, or two it comes off the market. So right now, what we have is everybody waiting for the price to get lowered as the Nets mull taking it off the market. As of right now, as I put my ear to the ground in the NBA, I’m not hearing anything changing as far as the demand phrase of this process.”

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