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NBA Insider Believes Suns Will Shake Roster Up This Season

ESPN's Brian Windhorst says don't expect the same Phoenix Suns roster in the playoffs as we see today.

If ESPN's Brian Windhorst's recent words carry any weight, the Phoenix Suns won't look the same come playoff time. 

Of course, that might not be a huge delivery of news for some considering the current build of the team. 

Some fans believe the relationship between the Suns and Deandre Ayton has yet to truly be mended, while Kevin Durant talks still persist surrounding the team. Then, you have the disgruntled Jae Crowder who let the entire world know on Twitter how he wanted a change of scenery. 

General manager James Jones has shown in the past he's not afraid to pull the trigger on a trade to improve his team. On "NBA Today", Windhorst said he expects movement in Phoenix at some point:

ESPN's Brian Windhorst Believes Suns Will Shake Roster Up This Season

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"I like the Suns a lot, and I think they're a terrific team, but I will say that their 64 wins last year included some of the best clutch play in the history of the game," said Windhorst. 

"They won so many games that could've gone either way, they could win five or six fewer games just because they play great, other than astronomically unbelievable/never seen before in the clutch this year. So I do think they're going to slide back, but I think we're going to see the Suns be a different team by at least the trade deadline. 

"Jae Crowder I do believe will be on the trade market, whether it's before the season or in the season, I believe his role is going to be reduced this year as they boost Cam Johnson. I also think even if they don't make the Kevin Durant trade, which we've talked about for weeks, they still own all of their draft picks going forward. Chris Paul is still at the point in his career where they need to go for it. 


"So I don't think the Suns team that you see now is maybe going to be the Suns team that competes for the playoffs next spring."  

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