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After a whirlwind of an offseason for Devin Booker, the Phoenix Suns guard stayed grounded during his Media Day press conference and wanted to make sure everyone knew his and the team's focus was on the court.

Booker’s legendary summer began on July 7, when it was announced that he would be staying in the Valley at least another four years signing a max $224 million dollar contract with Phoenix, his second extension with the club since being drafted in 2015.

“I mean, just the city, this franchise, this organization, believing in me from the beginning and locking it in even more long term. You know, not only a commitment to the organization, but to this community that I've been a part of for so long and I call home… My family is excited, and I hope the city is too," said Booker on Monday.

On that same day, Booker was announced as a NBA 2K23 cover athlete. He made sure to let everyone know he was excited. 

The avid gamer and part-time Twitch streamer understands the value in Phoenix having their first cover athlete. It's impact may be greater than just the gaming community.

“All those things are beautiful, especially a 2K cover … how much I played the game growing up and just understanding the impact of the video game and the reach that it has to multiple countries, to the whole entire world," said Booker. "I'm excited to put Phoenix on the map.”

What followed was a heavy stream of Kevin Durant trade rumors that saw various teammates being sent away for the superstar forward. Nothing came from those rumors, and Booker seemed to be in support of keeping the squad the same. 

“He's one of the best players to ever play this game," Booker said of Durant. 

"But you know, I'm happy with our foundation here. We've shown promise, we showed what we’re capable of. We have chemistry, we have the experience and years together and we've been through a lot of situations.”

Keeping the family close both on the court and in life is what Booker credits to keeping him grounded during what has been exciting for the superstar.

“I get to see them [family] daily and live the life that I lived when I was growing up in Michigan and growing up in Mississippi. It's a great feeling, having a core unit that sticks with you and keeps you humble like that.”

Preseason basketball begins on Oct. 2nd with the Adelaide 36ers coming up from down under. 

The regular season begins Wednesday, Oct. 19 against the Dallas Mavericks. 

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