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While more details are still likely to emerge following an altercation between Jordan Poole and Draymond Green, one report from Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports suggested that this incident was a product of emotions that had been building up throughout camp. According to Haynes, multiple Golden State Warriors players had noticed a change in Jordan Poole's behavior, which ultimately led to the altercation that took place between he and Green.

Seemingly refuting that report, Warriors veteran Andre Iguodala tweeted in defense of Poole, stating that he is a "great character kid."

Many have speculated where that report came from, as often times reporters will receive insight from one side of the altercation, which doesn't always provide the most accurate outlook. That is not to say Haynes was incorrect in his reporting, but it is likely that he received that intel from one side of the situation.

With Iguodala coming to Poole's defense, it further establishes the likelihood that Green will be the only player receiving punishment. From all accounts, it seems as if the two sides were engaged in a common verbal argument, and it was escalated when Green got physical.

The Warriors will have a difficult decision to make on the severity of Green's punishment, and that news will likely come out some time before the regular season begins in just under two weeks.

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