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While Draymond Green is gearing up for a championship repeat with the Golden State Warriors this season, his future is much more unclear. The Warriors will have a looming issue with Green, as the two will come to a standoff about how much he deserves to get paid after this season.

With that said, a report from gave some possible insight to Green's future. According to Heavy, executives believe that Draymond Green would love to play with Luka Doncic.

“He has always thought about playing for Detroit, helping his hometown of Flint at the same time. He would love to play with a superstar like Luka where he has to just play off him,” the executive said. “And he is Klutch. you know he loves being on the barbershop show with LeBron. He wants to have an entertainment career when he is done playing. You don’t need to be in L.A. for that, but it helps.”

In addition, the piece expands upon the fact that Green has stated Luka Doncic to be his favorite player in the NBA. A statement Green said himself on the 'The Draymond Green Show.'

“My favorite NBA player to watch besides Steph is Luka," Green said. "Luka different. The way he sees the floor, scores the basketball, gets to his spot, his pace. It’s Luka for sure."

The future is still a ways away, so for now, the Warriors and Draymond Green have a more clear focus - a back-to-back NBA Championship.

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