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On the verge of a lucrative contract extension, likely to land somewhere around the four-year / $130M number that Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro just secured, Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Poole has reportedly been rubbing teammates the wrong way. In a recent report, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports revealed that Warriors teammates have noticed a behavior change in Poole, which ultimately led to his fight with Draymond Green.

Haynes added that Green was apologetic, but the friction between he and Poole has been building up throughout training camp. As Haynes mentioned, teammates beyond Green had noticed a change in Poole's behavior throughout camp, which caused the build up that resulted in a physical altercation.

Even if this report is accurate, and Poole had been acting different, Green knows he should not have allowed physical violence to take place. The Warriors organization also recognizes this, which is why current reports indicate that only Green will be receiving punishment. The nature of that punishment has yet to be announced, as the organization has some difficult decisions to make.

While it initially seemed as if Poole and Green were having one of their usual arguments, which by all accounts begin as basketball-related disagreements, this latest incident may have been sparked by personal issues outside of basketball. If Haynes is accurate, and Poole's behavior caused this built up tension that resulted in a fight, he and Draymond will have to work through their differences before moving forward.

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