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It seems like the Draymond Green and Jordan Poole punching saga didn't go away as quietly as the Golden State Warriors hoped it would, as the video became leaked today by TMZ. The nature of how Draymond punched Poole was so shocking that even other NBA players viewed it as something surreal.

Trae Young comically responded to the video by stating, "Draymond is tryna get to LA. Damn!"

Knicks guard Evan Fournier had a more serious response, "There is no way you can get back to being teammates after a punch like that."

Former Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas also had a very shocked and serious response to the punch.

"He’s gonna have to see me every time after this sucker punch. Damn. That ain’t it! And whoever leaked this should be fired too. All I’m saying is you ain’t responding with a PUNCH if that’s somebody you really rock with!!! Especially after a PUSH. But I ain’t in the practice and I didn’t hear what was being said so ima leave that alone but DAMN."

Ja Morant had his usual troll-type response, giving a simple eyeball emoji.

Former player and current podcast host Stephen Jackson also said the punch was uncalled for. Jackson was a hothead in the NBA himself but said there was "no reason" to sucker punch a younger player like Jordan Poole.

"There's no reason to sucker punch the young fella," Jackson said. "I told Draymond last night that he goota fix that situation with Poole. He don't benefit from it all. He gotta be the big boy and tell little bro 'look I spazzed out.' But you never hit the little homies like that in practice, or your teammates. You never do that. I've never done that. Never done that."

The entire situation that the Golden State Warriors are facing with this altercation became much tougher with the punch getting leaked. It's going to be a very interesting weekend for both the Warriors and Draymond Green in how things move forward.

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