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Former Wizard Retires Mid-Season

Former Wizard Calls It A Career In The Middle Of The Season

Everyone’s goal in life is to be successful. Success can be measured in a number of different ways. One may measure success in the amount of money that may make in their lives. The cost of living continues to rise. Also, everyone wants to live comfortably and maybe even luxuriously from time to time too. 

Someone could measure success is being able to help people individually or as a whole overall. That help could be the services or goods you may have to offer, advice, and possibly even just being a good person overall. 

On the other hand, success may be detailed simply as what it is. Winning can be a description of success. Climbing barriers in life no one thought you would be able to climb, meeting and exceeding expectations, and winning different awards too can detail exactly what being successful is all about.

Former Wizard Forward Otto Porter is the definition of success. At the young age of 30 years of age, Porter has officially retired from the NBA. He has made a lot of money, played on numerous teams including the Wizards, Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, Golden State Warriors, and Toronto Raptors. Most importantly, Otto Porter has had success and won an NBA Championship along the way. 

Porter has been one of the bridge-way players to athletes every team in the league wanted. He had the ability to be effective by not demanding the ball or being a high volume player simply by playing lock down defense and making three point shots.

While retiring from the Utah Jazz, Porter didn’t play a single game for them as his body couldn’t take any more. There has been a lot of wear and tear on his body throughout his career as he has been asked to defend his opponent’s best players night in and night out. Injuries have gotten the best of Porter in the end. However, we can say that he has checked every box when it comes to being successful especially with the championship he won as a member of the Golden State Warriors.