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Trey Lance Foreshadows the Regular Season in 49ers 28-21 win Against the Packers

Trey Lance in his limited preseason action gives a sneak peak of what’s to come for his regular season.

Is it the regular season yet?

That’s something 49ers fans watching the preseason game against the Packers had to have thought of after watching the first two drives with Trey Lance at the helm. 

What he showed in his limited action is exactly why the 49ers traded up to get him at No. 3 overall. It was all just Lance teasing his ability and foreshadowing for the regular season in the 49ers 28-21 win versus the Packers.

The opening drive was decent from Lance. His first drop back saw him go through his reads until the pocket collapsed, which he turned into a rush of seven yards to make it a more than manageable first-down conversion on the next play. While it was just a seven-yard gain, that play right there was one of the teasers of what’s to come this season. You could never envision that with any 49ers quarterback since Kyle Shanahan became head coach. If nothing is there, Lance shows he can still get some yards.

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It was great to see from him becuase he didn’t take off too soon or too late. The lane was right there begging him to take off and he did so at the right time. That right there is fighting for the next play to make it a higher likelihood of converting a first-down. The final play of the drive Lance attempted to hit Danny Gray on a out-route, but just missed by a smidge. It was a bit late and high, which is what he’s been doing throughout training camp. Still, a decent showing to start off.

Lance ended up coming back for a second offensive series. This is where he caps off everything that the 49ers dreamed about when they drafted him. Lance, on third-and-9, drops back with the blitz incoming and throws a complete dot to Danny Gray on the go-route for a 76-yard score. When it was all said and done, Lance completed four passes out of five attempts while throwing for 92 yards and a score with a run for seven-yards.

The scrambling on the first series and the deep ball dime in the second series is a tease of it all. If the 49ers didn’t want to play Lance again for the rest of the preseason, I’d fully understand. It’s clear he’s ready. He will give the 49ers more sustained drives with his legs and new explosive ability with his arm. Excitement should be at an all-time high with 49ers fans because this offense is going to finally see new dynamics it never received with any of the last several quarterbacks.