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49ers are Gaining Clarity on a Contract Extension for Deebo Samuel

It is becoming clearer to the 49ers as to what it will take to get an extension done with Deebo Samuel.

Another wide receiver not named Deebo Samuel has received an extension.

This time it is Commanders’ wideout Terry McLaurin who locked in a three-year extension worth up to $70 million with $53.1 million guaranteed. 

With McLaurin officially extended, the number of receivers in need of an extension now dwindles down to Samuel, D.K. Metcalf and Diontae Johnson. It is only a matter of time until Samuel gets a deal done with the 49ers. With all these extensions getting done around the league for receivers, the 49ers are gaining clarity on a contract extension for Samuel. 

The floor and ceiling are essentially set by now on what it’ll take to get a deal done with him. One thing is for certain: Samuel will not and should not get the guarantees that Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill and Stefon Diggs received. The contracts of McLaurin and especially A.J. Brown are where Samuel will see his extension revolve around. These are his tier of his receivers.

A good deal for Samuel and the 49ers would be around the $60 million guaranteed mark for a three-year extension. As for the per year salary, the Niners can just draw up that fluff however they see fit to appease Samuel. That number is always one that can be moved around. Ultimately, the guarantees are what the worth of Samuel will be and $60 million seems just right for him. It might even been a little much since he’ll be just $7 million away from what Adams is guaranteed by the Raiders. 

But a little overspending is fine and necessary for the 49ers as extending Samuel is an investment in Trey Lance. The point of drafting All Pro players is to keep and extend them. San Francisco must not mess around with this. Get a deal done. 

Give him a value around $60 million guaranteed and chalk it up as a win.