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Jimmy Garoppolo Isn't Sure if He'll Play Against the Packers

He's injured again.

SANTA CLARA -- Once again, Jimmy Garoppolo has an excuse for a poor performance.

When he struggled against the Titans, we learned the next day that he sprained his thumb during that game. And when he struggled Sunday in a won over the Dallas Cowboys, we learned Monday that he sprained his shoulder in that game.

Here's what the injury-prone quarterback said Tuesday about his latest injury.

Q: Are you confident you'll play against the Packers?

GAROPPOLO: "We'll feel it out throughout the week. Feeling good right now."

Q: You have two injuries now. How have you handled injuries in extreme cold?

GAROPPOLO: "I've played in the cold my whole life, so I don't think it will be anything too crazy, but just learning to adjust, changing whatever you have to change, but that's what this week of practice is for. We're in a good spot."

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Q: Kyle Shanahan said you hurt the shoulder in the second quarter. There was a hit when it looked like you were falling to the side and used your hand to brace yourself and then pulled it back. How much are you thinking about your thumb in the moment?

GAROPPOLO: "I got thrown down, went to put my hand out, had it in my mind that if my thumb hit, I wouldn't know what was going to happen, so I tried to catch it with my shoulder and jammed the shoulder up. That was about it."

Q: Your performance in the first half wasn't as good as your performance in the second half. How much did that have to do with your shoulder injury?

GAROPPOLO: "Being a quarterback, the shoulder affects every throw. It definitely had some impact. But if I'm out there, I have to still make the plays that I normally make. No excuses. This injury is what it is. We're all dealing with stuff now."

Q: What hurts more, the shoulder or the thumb?

GAROPPOLO: "Yes, haha. They're pretty close."

Q: As far as the shoulder and the impact it had in Dallas, there was a play in the second half that was a short throw to George Kittle and it bounced. Was the shoulder affecting you on that one?

GAROPPOLO: "Every throw was impacted. It's a shoulder injury. Any type of throw, you're going to feel. My body is learning to adapt to it."