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Jimmy Garoppolo Says Trent Williams Has a High Ankle Sprain

Not good news.
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So much for keeping secrets.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan declined to answer when asked what type of ankle sprain left tackle Trent Williams suffered this past Saturday in Green Bay.

A few minutes later, Jimmy Garoppolo broke the news.

“He is doing everything he can," Garoppolo said. "I've seen him in here just putting in the hours in the training room, studying and all that stuff. Hopefully, we'll get to see him out there, but we'll see. Those high ankles are never a fun thing. I know that from experience, but all the guys, everyone's dealing with stuff right now. It’s just that time of year. And it's a good group to have with me in that huddle.”

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So it's a high ankle sprain. And that's not good news. 

Williams played through the injury for almost the entire second half in Green Bay, but he didn't play well, he limped most of the time and couldn't put weight on it after the game. Typically, high ankle sprains take four to six weeks to recover. Which means this injury not only could keep Williams out of the NFC Championship this Sunday, it could end his season. It's that serious.

Shanahan said he would be surprised if Williams doesn't play, but that could be gamesmanship. He probably doesn't want the Rams to have a full week to brainstorm 100 different ways to attack the 49ers backup left tackle, Colton McKivitz.

Now, the Rams know, unless Garoppolo is mistaken.

I'm guessing Garoppolo spilled the beans.