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49ers vs. Rams Preview/Prediction: Will Jimmy Garoppolo Find his Rhythm?

Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers offense will have to lock in for a tough matchup against the Rams defense. Otherwise, they will surely lose their second straight game.

Week 3 against the Broncos was a disaster for the 49ers.

The offense completely asleep in that game, while the defense was wide awake and wired on an elite level. Repeating a performance like that will see the 49ers suffer more losses. With a primetime matchup at home against the Rams, there is no excuse for why the offense can't lock in. This is a rematch of the NFC championship game. If they cannot get up and execute for this game, then nothing will.

In order for the 49ers to defeat the Rams, the offense has to carry their own weight. They do not have to be great because the defense will surely show up and be great. All the Rams have on offense is Cooper Kupp. They are a weaker side this year than last on every level of their offense, so the defense should be able to bottle them up for a large portion of the game.

All of the worry and focus will be on the 49ers offense. And boy, do they have quite the challenge in front of them with Trent Williams out of action for the foreseeable future. Operating the run and pass game is going to demand the rest of the offensive line, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Kyle Shanahan to be at their best. Right now, they are matching up against a Rams defense that is playing strong. The Rams defense ranks No. 2 in run stop win rate (38-percent) and No. 10 in pass rush win rate (45-percent). Running the football is going to be a struggle, which is why the offensive line has to be at their best.

The bright side is the 49ers tend to be at their best offensively in the regular season against the Rams. If they can defy odds with Williams out, then this will be a game, just like last year, that catapults the offense into an unstoppable force. Then again, this is an incredibly tall task for the 49ers. And right now, Garoppolo looks like a dud at quarterback. "Rhythm" and "rust" was his excuse for why he played poorly against the Broncos, so is this the game he finds his sweet spot?

I doubt it.

This game has all the makings of another offensive letdown where the defense keeps them alive until the end. Garoppolo was struggling WITH Williams as the starter. How on earth is he going to improve with him out against a defense that is strong? I watched back the Rams against the Cardinals from Week 3 and that defensive line of the Rams had Kyler Murray in a bind all game long. At least he is able to run for his life. Garoppolo is going to be a sitting duck. It would not surprise me in the least if he gets injured this game because the pressure will be in his face a lot on Monday night.

Establishing the run is the 49ers' only chance to winning this game, but they just have struggled to do so. Deebo Samuel is no longer the secret weapon as defenses just crash the line of scrimmage when they see Samuel in the backfield or motioning. Garoppolo will have to be magical, which will take all the luck in the world to muster. Maybe the 49ers do bring their best for this game and make it a match. I just can't see it after their horrendous play against the Broncos.

Rams 20 49ers 16