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A Former NFL Player's Assessment of Ty Davis-Price

"He fits what Kyle Shanahan wants."

Previously, I got former NFL cornerback Eric Crocker to break down 49ers rookie wide receiver Danny Gray.

Now, here's Crocker's take on 49ers rookie running back Ty Davis-Price.

"I try to separate the player from the value, because the running back value (in Round 3) is not very high. And it depends on what you're drafting this guy for. Now, if you're talking about drafting Najee Harris in the first round, or even some of these other guys like Kenneth Walker and Breece Hall who went top of the second round this year, those are going to be every-down backs, so I understand it. But if you're telling me you're drafting (Davis-Price) to be more of an insurance policy because you've had a lot of backs injured last season and you had to use Deebo Samuel in that role, that's when I feel a little bit weird about the pick, because when it comes to finding running backs who not only can fill in but contribute, the 49ers have done very well with either late-round draft picks or undrafted guys. The last four leading rushers for the 49ers have been either undrafted or a sixth-round pick in Elijah Mitchell. From that standpoint, I don't understand the value.

"Now, the player, I like him. I think he fits what Kyle Shanahan wants. He puts his foot in the ground and gets north right now. There are some things he does that reminds me of Frank Gore. I remember watching Gore run and he turned a play that was blocked up for one yards, he turned into a three- or four-yard gain. And with Davis-Price I saw some of that where he was able to dip and get skinny through the A or B gaps, and then once he gets through there, he has enough speed and power and mass to be able to run through defenders at the second level. Because of his size and speed, a lot of people really didn't want to tackle him in the open field, so he would make guys miss. He'll run through arm tackles. His vision is terrific. So I like the pick if you're telling me they brought him in to compete with Elijah Mitchell for the starting spot or maybe even take it. So overall, I like the player better than I like the value."

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