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Brian Griese Assesses Trey Lance's Performance in Training Camp

"(Deep sigh) I think there's some good and bad."
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SANTA CLARA -- 49ers quarterbacks coach Brian Griese spoke Thursday to Bay Area reporters about Trey Lance's training camp performance. Here's what Griese said.

ME: How do you assess the first week of the first training for Trey Lance as a starting quarterback?

GRIESE: "How do I assess it?"

ME: Yes, how is he doing? How is he improving?

GRIESE: "Oh, I've been really encouraged. Like I said when we talked the last time, he gives himself a chance because he shows up every day and he's ready to work. He has a humility about him that gives him a chance to learn from his mistakes and grow. I've been really encouraged about his demeanor. That's impressive for a young man his age. That's not natural. And so the way he interacts with his team, operates on the field, responds when he makes a mistake, all of those things are very very positive on top of his physical abilities which are significant."

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Q: Can you give an example of that demeanor? 

GRIESE: "Everybody has a different personality and demeanor. We have a lot of examples of quarterbacks in the NFL who go up and down, very high and low. Some of the greatest have been that way -- I think of Brett Favre, who was constant emotion on the field. And then you have some flatliners. You don't know until you get out there and begin to experience it with a young quarterback who is learning what their unique style and personality and demeanor is going to be. And it can be both, but I think his demeanor has been really impressive in that he is able to compartmentalize his job, his role, his understanding, mentally what he is responsible for, collectively as a leader of the team and the offense and having the proper timing of communication -- when to get on somebody, when to encourage, when to slow things down, when to pick things up -- you really are a manager, not only of the game, but of people. He doesn't have it down, we're continuing to grow with that, but he has a foundation and a base that I find really impressive. He has the appropriate amount of understanding of timing and moments. He doesn't get too low or too high. It's cool to see."

Q: How beneficial has it been for Trey to go against this defense that has been just so dominant?

GRIESE: "(Deep sigh) I think there's some good and bad. Can't get much harder. You also want to build some skills and some confidence, too. But I think he understands the position we're in and that this is a great opportunity to grow and to do it against some of the best in the league."

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