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George Kittle should Tell Kyle Shanahan to Call More Plays for Him

Sounds like Kittle has been lobbying the wrong guy.
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AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Co. -- These days, the 49ers use George Kittle mostly as an expensive decoy.

Last week, he caught just one pass for 21 yards. The week before, he caught just three passes for 39 yards. And the 49ers wonder why their offense isn't performing as well as it could.

Kittle isn't quite as explosive as he was when he was younger, but he still is big and he still makes difficult catches. He should be the 49ers' go-to receiver in the red zone, but he's not -- Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk are.

Is it time for Kittle to demand the ball? I asked him this week. 

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Q: You've said in the past you don't care how many passes you catch as long as the team wins. That being said, scoring points has been an issue for your offense this season, and you haven't been getting the ball as consistently as in the past. Have you gone up to Kyle Shanahan yet and said, "Can I get the ball, please?"

KITTLE: Yes and no. I mean, have I walked into his office and said, "Give me the ball" -- no i haven't done that. I tell Jimmy Garoppolo on the sidelines all the time, "Hey, I'm open. I'm in one-on-one coverage. I'm available. Just throw me the ball when you need me. It happened last week. I'd love more than two targets, but it is what it is. We were winning the game. I love the ball in my hands and I like providing a spark for the offense.

Sounds like Kittle has been lobbying the wrong guy. Sure, Garoppolo throws the ball, but Shanahan calls the plays. If I were Kittle, I woud spend more time with Shanahan and less time with the quarterback.