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How Concerned Should the 49ers be With the Influx of Hamstring Injuries?

A lot of players for the 49ers have been sustaining hamstring injuries, which has become "bothersome" to Kyle Shanahan.

Injuries never cease to hit the 49ers in bunches.

This year's training camp is proving no different. Plenty of players are dealing with injuries, but it is hamstring injuries that are the most common occurrence. Emmanuel Moseley, Charvarius Ward, Daniel Brunskill, Elijah Mitchell, and Jimmie Ward (could miss Week 1). All of these injuries are something that is annoying Kyle Shanahan.

"It's kind of been bothersome to me. I think they've all come after our days off," said Shanahan at his Monday press conference. "I think it’s been a real challenge of this camp, more than any we've been in with just how it's spaced out with these games and our day off rules and to really get in a groove for guys, once you get about two days in, they're getting a day off, sometimes two days off. So I think our biggest challenge has been these off days, how to come back from them if you look at the three who’ve had them.” 

Given that Shanahan is bothered with them, how concerned should the 49ers be with the influx of hamstring injuries?

Well it's hard not to answer with "very concerning" after what Shanahan said. It's clear how he feels about it and where his belief is with why they are happening. Shanahan does have a point that the scheduling does them no favors. Playing three preseason games in a 17 day period is absurd. It is like the NFL is trying to rough up or tire out the 49ers before the regular season even starts.

While the hand they have been dealt is poor, the 49ers still need to find a way to circumvent all of these injuries. One way they could look to do so is by limiting players when they come back from their day off. The 49ers could be running heavy practices when they return from an off day since the players should be rested. Perhaps seeing how a slow integration from the day off and then going heavier the next day is best. Or maybe they should just take it easy with the bulk of their starters the rest of the way since training camp is nearing its end.

Whatever the case may be, the 49ers have to figure out and try something. Moseley and Ward are the only players who look poised to return soon. Meanwhile, Ward could be out for Week 1, Brunskill is out for a while, and Mitchell "should" be okay by Week 1. The 49ers should be on red alert with how many key starters are sustaining these hamstring injuries. 

What they're doing now doesn't look conducive to maintaining a healthy body.