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Kyle Shanahan Says Jimmy Garoppolo is a Main Reason 49ers are in NFC Championship

Jimmy Garoppolo is viewed as a "main reason" the 49ers have gone this far by Kyle Shanahan, but is he right?

Jimmy Garoppolo has been quite the topic of discussion this week.

Then again, when isn't he? Garoppolo is easily the most polarizing figure on the 49ers. And given how successful the 49ers have been this season, there is much debate on the credit Garoppolo deserves. 

This was the same debate that went on during and after the 2019 playoff run the 49ers were on, so of course this was going to be rehashed on the run they're on now. However, much like the 2019 playoffs, it is the run game and stout defense of the 49ers that are the top factors for the success.

But that isn't something Kyle Shanahan is entertaining as he comes to the defense of his quarterback. Shanahan believes that Garoppolo is one of the main reasons the 49ers are in the NFC Championship game.

"Jimmy is one of the main reasons we're here he's done an unbelievable job," said Shanahan regarding Garoppolo criticism on social media. "People don't give him enough credit. We win as a team and that's why he doesn't always have the same stats as some of these MVP candidates have and stuff.

"But Jimmy's a very good quarterback and he doesn't worry about any of that stuff. He doesn't worry about social media. That's why he's a little similar to me, probably doesn't have as much of an ideas that stuff. And he never really changes and I think that's what people respect the most about him."

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As always, Shanahan is right there to prop up Garoppolo higher than he deserves. It is only right after all since he's the head coach and needs to protect his starting quarterback. Kind of like how he does when he calls plays throughout a game.

Garoppolo is NOT a main reason the 49ers have gone this far. 

The main reasons start with the job that DeMeco Ryans has done this season. He has been light years of any expectations going into this season and he just keeps getting better. From start to finish, it is the 49ers defense that has been the anchor for the 49ers. Ryans and his defense deserve top honors for why the 49ers are here. When the offense was struggling, it was the defense that held on to bail them out and give them a chance.

Next, it is the running attack of Elijah Mitchell and Deebo Samuel. They've been such a force together this season. Shanahan surely gets giddy with excitement at the plentiful ideas he gets on how to attack a defense with those two lethal weapons. Mitchell and Samuel have taken the 49ers offense to new heights since Week 10. I would even credit Nick Bosa and the job defensive line coach Kris Kocurek has done to supply Bosa with help before citing Garoppolo as a "main reason." 

Of course, Garoppolo deserves some credit for the 49ers success. It is not like he did absolutely nothing. He just isn't one of the main reasons the 49ers are successful, especially compared to the others I cited.

You would have to look over plenty of other areas on the 49ers before you get to Garoppolo's name, thus he is not a main reason.