NFL Draft 2020: One Position 49ers Must Avoid

Jose Luis Sanchez III

The NFL draft is already less than three weeks away with eyes set on the San Francisco 49ers. Fans and media alike are all sitting on the edge of their chair in anticipation of the 49ers' draft choice at 13th overall. 

Will the red and gold take a wide receiver? Find Joe Staley's future replacement? 

Whatever they end up doing with that pick, the 49ers are sure to improve themselves. There aren't many needs or holes on the team to start with, which means there are some positions that could be put on hold for the draft.

The 49ers do not have many draft picks to begin with as they only have seven. Five of their picks are in the fifth-round or later, so they will need to make these selections count by avoiding certain positions. 

One position the 49ers absolutely must avoid is quarterback. 

For starters, this quarterback draft class isn't too appealing, especially considering where the 49ers are slotted to pick. By that time, all of the relatively top-prospects will have been taken and they will have a project at the position, which isn't what a team who has long-term Super Bowl aspirations can afford. 

2020 is assuredly locked in for Jimmy Garoppolo to be the starter, despite what some "rumors" said about a potential Tom Brady signing in free agency. 2021 is also likely to be Garoppolo's year as well, unless he completely regresses next season.

If he does, well then, that is part of the reason why the 49ers have rejected trade offers for backup quarterback Nick Mullens. That shows just how strongly they feel about him. That they are confident in him over any other draft prospect.

Not to mention that Kyle Shanahan has a soft spot for C.J. Beathard, another backup quarterback. That is why the Niners kept three of them last season. For all we know, he will do the same thing again next season. 

It isn't common to suggest a team avoid drafting a quarterback. Its the most critical position in football, so drafting one more times than not isn't a bad call. But in the San Francisco 49ers case, they are better off leaving their scouting sheet of quarterbacks in the filing cabinet.

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Please stay away from quarterback. Shanny is already in love with two backups for whatever reason. Use that towards an actual skill position.

PWillis Is a HOF
PWillis Is a HOF

Wholeheartedly agree. By declining a trade of Mullens, they better not draft another QB.


Wow, what a deep cut that is. Do like the Mullens insight though. Go niners, build that O-line!


Yo! Nice article man. Just a note that draft isn't less than two weeks away, per your first sentence - but otherwise spot on that a QB is not needed :)