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Trading Jimmy Garoppolo is "Not a Guarantee" Says Kyle Shanahan

The 49ers still want to trade Jimmy Garoppolo when he is healthy again, but it isn't something Kyle Shanahan views as a lock.

Trading Jimmy Garoppolo was an objective of the 49ers this offseason.

However, a trade market never really materialized and that's due in part to Garoppolo needing surgery on his shoulder. With practically every quarterback-needy team evaporated, envisioning a scenario to trade Garoppolo looks bleak if not delusional.

The 49ers have maintained that once Garoppolo is healed up that they will look to trade him again. Right now, any hopes of trading of him are put on hold until then. But still, even if he gets healthy and gets floated out to teams with trade prospects, it is highly unlikely the 49ers find a trade partner. 

That is something that Kyle Shanahan himself acknowledges that trading Garoppolo is "not a guarantee" when he is good to go.

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"Nothing's changed since his surgery, where we were at before that, and then he got the surgery so everything went on hold," said Shanahan. "I expect him at some time to most likely be traded, but who knows. It is not a guarantee and it's been exactly on hold when that happened and when he's healthy we'll see what happens."

Right now, the 49ers are salary cap strapped thanks to Garoppolo. When he is off the team and off the books, affording their 2022 draft class and extending Deebo Samuel becomes feasible. Most importantly it will signal the official transition to the Trey Lance era. That is ultimately what matters most because if Lance falters for a stretch of practices, then suddenly it opens the door to speculation of Garoppolo remaining aboard. Under no circumstance can that happen. 

If the 49ers thought last year's training camp was annoying with quarterback questions, then imagine how worse it will be this year, especially if struggles occur for a stretch from Lance. This is why I have been pounding the table for the 49ers to cut Garoppolo since before free agency. He never should've remained on the team this far and long into the offseason. The 49ers are completely delusional thinking trading Garoppolo will occur once he's healthy. It is as if a market will suddenly emerge now that teams are already set at quarterback barring an outlier injury situation. 

Garoppolo will most likely be cut, so Shanahan is right in acknowledging that trading him is "not a guarantee."