Who is the 49ers' Unsung Hero on Offense?

The answer might surprise you.
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An unsung hero is a vastly overlooked player who doesn't get the credit or recognition he deserves. With a team as deep and stacked with talent as the San Francisco 49ers, it is quite easy to have some players fall under this category.

Most of the spotlight gets pointed at George Kittle, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Raheem Mostert towards the end of the season. 

But what about the player who performs at a high-level who does not get the spotlight?

This article is a follow up to Monday's piece where I covered who the 49ers' unsung hero is on defense. There always is an unsung hero on both sides of the ball on every team.

So who is the 49ers' unsung hero on offense?

The Swiss Army knife himself, fullback Kyle Juszczyk. Now this may cause some of you to raise an eyebrow at Juszczyk being viewed as an unsung hero. Yes, he is considered to be one of the, if not the best fullback in the league.

However, that right there shows that he isn't being fully recognized for his ability and contributions. Juszczyk is more than a fullback. He doesn't just clear a path for the running backs. His role in the 49ers' offense is multi-dimensional, not one-dimensional. 

Aside from leading the way on the ground, he is capable of running routes out of the backfield. And he is more than capable of being an effective wide receiver from the slot. Plus, he can add to the backfield in a needed pass-protection situation. 

The question that should come to mind when thinking about Juszczyk isn't what can he do, but what CAN'T he do? That right there would be easier to answer because it is minimal.

Juszczyk gets credit for being a premier fullback, but the spotlight needs to expand on his true impact. It is that he is one of the most valuable players in the 49ers' offense. 2020 will just be another season where he proves that fact.