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Why John Lynch Chose to Stay With the 49ers Despite Lucrative T.V. Offer

General manager John Lynch could have joined the list of poached coaches on the 49ers in favor of returning to the broadcast booth.

General Manager John Lynch could have joined the list of poached coaches.

Only Lynch wouldn’t be poached by another NFL franchise. He would’ve been poached to commentate on Thursday Night Football for Amazon.

The two sides reportedly had dinner to discuss the possibility of a return to the broadcast booth along with a salary that would make his current one with the Niners look minuscule. However, Lynch turned down Amazon’s offer and elected to remain in his current role with the teams.

Here is why Lynch chose the 49ers despite the lucrative offer from Amazon.

“Well, I came to this business because of the opportunity to compete,” said Lynch Wednesday at the NFL scouting combine. “I think we have a very good team and I think we've got an opportunity to get better and I'm into that. It's flattering when people come, especially people whom you respect so much, old friends and whatnot, and show interest. And you listen, but ultimately, I made a decision, my family made a decision that this is where my heart is at right now. And that's what I've always had to guide me. So, I'm happy to be here and that's that. It is a lot of money though. I can't believe they're paying that much for people that talk football. It's unbelievable.”

After turning down the deal from Amazon, it is clear that Lynch is a total football guy. His mention of “competing” as a reason for why he came to the 49ers in this role says it all. Imagine the rush and the “high” he felt when the 49ers won against the Cowboys and Packers in the playoffs.

Imagine how the competitor in him felt when the 49ers came back in Week 18 against the Rams and clinched a playoff berth. THAT is why he is in this and chose to deny Amazon. If you can recall, there was a moment in Super Bowl 54 where the cameras caught Lynch calling for a timeout as the first half was closing. He’s so into these games. And while he isn’t playing anymore, there is no doubt that he still feels the thrill of it all.

Plus, Lynch will always have the option of returning to the broadcast booth whenever he wants. I doubt FOX will deny him should he inquire. They really could use him as the broadcasting teams they have there are inadequate and only getting worse if Troy Aikman actually does leave.

Lynch is all in with the 49ers and nothing less.