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Why the 49ers Would Benefit from Facing Kyler Murray Instead of Colt McCoy

The only reason it would aid the 49ers is because Murray is dealing with a hamstring injury.

The Cardinals have had the 49ers' number the past couple years.

Whether it is with Kyler Murray or backup Colt McCoy, the Cardinals have taken it to the 49ers and completely decimated them. For a team that is one of the biggest jokes in the league, they just somehow always give the 49ers issues.

Monday Night Football in Mexico City will be the 49ers' chance to end that. Riding a two-game winning streak, the 49ers have some momentum with them despite coming off a stale offensive performance. What isn't stale is their defense, which has suffocated almost every offense they have faced. Still, they could do with a favorable matchup. One way they can have a favorable matchup is if Murray starts for Arizona.

It would be beneficial for the 49ers to face Murray rather than McCoy.

The only reason it would aid the 49ers is because Murray is dealing with a hamstring injury. So far this week, he has missed two practices, but with the game being on Monday, it wouldn't be far-fetched for him to make a last minute push to get the start. Should that happen, then the 49ers should rejoice.

A large part of what makes Murray such a threatening player is his mobility. I doubt he will be able to run around like normal after just nursing a hamstring injury. He would probably look to stay in the pocket more and prevent overworking his legs so that he doesn't aggravate it. Hamstring injuries are always tricky.

Plus, McCoy was pretty solid against the Rams last week. The 49ers are well aware of how capable of a passer he is after last season. They cannot overlook him. If Murray is in, they for sure will not since he is a Pro Bowl caliber player. But with McCoy being a backup, it could be tough to get up and actually focus on him. That shouldn't be the case after how he tore up the 49ers defense last season.

The 49ers should be hoping for a limited Murray and not McCoy.