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Will Jason Verrett Become a Starter for the 49ers in Week 1?

Jason Verrett should be good to go come training camp, which will be his chance to prove to the 49ers that he is a starter.

2021 was primed to be another high-level season for Jason Verrett.

After coming off an incredible season in 2020, everything lined up perfectly for Verrett to continue to ride his wave into the next season. Unfortunately, Verrett's past paid him a visit as he would tear his ACL in the first game of the 2021 season. Verrett has been recovering and rehabbing since.

Even with that severe injury, the 49ers brought him back on a one-year deal. It is clear that the 49ers still believe in him and want to give him a chance to contribute to the team again. But in what capacity? 

The last time Verrett was here, he was the starter along with Emmanuel Moseley. Now it is Charvarius Ward as the indefinite starter and Moseley. For Verrett to become a starter, he would have to kick off Moseley, but all of that is predicated on him being healthy and getting back to where he was. Right now he is still rehabbing during OTAs, but is slated to be ready for training camp. Should he do that, then he definitely will have a case to make.

Will Verrett become a starter for the 49ers in Week 1?

Not in Week 1.

When I see Verrett actually getting a shot to start again is in the middle or tail end of the season. At some point during the season, Moseley most likely will start to wear down or sustain some sort of injury -- he is a sneaky injury-prone player. He misses games every season. That will be Verrett's time to shine unless Ambry Thomas has something to say about it.

And when/if that time comes, then it will be on Verrett to hold onto that starting role and never let go. Should he do so, then perhaps the 49ers look to kick Moseley inside. He isn't afraid to tackle and has shown some ability as a blitzer, which is integral as a nickel cornerback. There also is a chance that Moseley becomes the nickel corner right from the get. And if that is the case, then all Verrett has to do is beat out Thomas and that shouldn't be that difficult so long as his health is in order.

"Everybody is pulling for J.V.," said DeMeco Ryans. "He had a tough injury last year and we missed him a ton, so he's fighting to get back and he's doing everything in his power to knock out his rehab and be in the best shape possible for when he's able to come back. I'm excited just to see him around the building, just to see him talking with the guys, it's great having J.V. and his presence felt in that room.” 

A lot of this is a longshot for Verrett to be a starter Week 1 and then to wait for Moseley or even Ward to get injured or falter in performance. But it is the only chance Verrett has to resurrect his value. After the 2020 season, he had a multi-year offer on the table but doubled-down on himself in 2021 to get more. That didn't pay off, so now this is his last chance. 

Hopefully he has found a four-leaf clover to keep his bad luck of injuries in check.