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A Closer Look at the Giants

Insight into Sunday's Bears opponent from Patricia Traina, publisher of FanNation's Giants Country.

The Bears and Giants are two teams cut from the same cloth, with the exception being the new coach in New York is from the offensive side and the new one in Chicago is from the defensive side.

In December, the Bears crushed New York using their old 3-4 defense, and with Andy Dalton at quarterback rather than Justin Fields. That is ancient history now. Also gone is quarterback Mike Glennon, which means no guaranteed disasters in the Giants backfield on a sack or downfield with an interception.

Neither team has many good, experienced offensive linemen but show the potential for good running games. Blocking for the passer? Not so much.

The quarterbacks are issues and their receiver corps are as non-descript as they come in the NFL.

Yet, both teams have won two games.

Here is an up-close look for Bears fans at the Giants with a Q and A from Giants Country publisher Patricia Traina.

Q: Have the Giants figured out which of their disgruntled wide receivers can be traded to the Bears? The Bears tried to sign Kenny Golladay, and it was the best $72 million they never spent. Every time you turn around there are rumors about Kadarius Toney and Darius Slayton being shipped out of the Big Apple too. Will any of them get traded?

A: LOL. Given what’s happened of late, I hate to break it to you, but I don’t think there will be any receivers traded. Sterling Shepard is done for the year, Wan’Dale Robinson and Toney have been dealing with injuries and the rest of the crew is just trying to stay afloat and figuring out ways to get open. I suppose you never say never, but I would really would be stunned if someone comes calling to trade for Golladay, though I wouldn’t be shocked if the Giants jumped on the chance to get out from under that horrific contract he has.

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Q. What's Daniel Jones' big problem? He always looks like a quarterback who has everything, from a big arm to the ability to move and throw. Yet ... nothing, every year. Is this going to be it for him?

A: Too soon to say if this is it. He must start winning games and cut down on missed throws, but he appears to be taking well to this offense. I think the biggest problem has been the lack of support around him. How many quarterbacks can honestly succeed when the system is changing every two years, the coaching lacks stability, the receivers drop passes like they’re fireballs, and the offensive line serves as a human turnstile? Probably not many. That said, Jones built a reputation as a turnover machine (which he’s started to control) and has had issues with his post-snap reads, regardless of the system in which he’s played. I think the Giants are going to give Daniel a long leash to show he can be the guy, but I also can’t help but wonder if they are leaning toward moving on from him given the projected depth at quarterback in the upcoming class.

Q: Is Saquon Barkley truly back at the level Bears fans saw him at in 2018 when he seemed impossible to tackle and was leaping over standing Bears tacklers with a single bound?

A: He sure looks that way. Barkley has really looked good so far with his explosiveness and cutting ability. The run blocking hasn’t always been crisp, and teams are stacking the boxes, but I also like how this staff is finally taking steps to get him into space where he can really create mismatches.

Q: Defensive lineman Leonard Williams can be a real terror up front. How bad is that knee injury he has?

A: The Giants haven’t really said, but it’s bad enough to where Leonard, who took pride in never missing a game due to injury (see last year when he played through a painful triceps injury even though the season was over for the Giants), was held out of Monday’s game. My understanding is he has a MCL sprain, and while everyone is different and heals at a different rate, I wouldn’t be stunned if he misses Sunday’s game. I think they’re hoping he’s back for the Week 5 game in London against the Packers, but it all depends on what kind of progress he’s making in his rehab and what, if anything, he’s able to do this week (note, he hasn't practiced this week).

Q: What is the biggest way coach Brian Daboll made this Giants team better?

A: You know how a lot of coaches say they’re going to put the players into the best possible position to be successful and then they go ahead and try jamming square pegs into round holes? Daboll hasn’t done that. He truly believes in putting people into the right position to be successful and if someone can’t do what the coaches are asking them to do, then move on rather than beat a dead horse and risk ruining a guy’s confidence. I think the other thing is that Daboll has been straight with the players. I’ve yet to hear of any instances off the record of him talking out of both sides of his mouth. The players like and respect him. And they trust him, which is huge. 

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