Allen Robinson Gears Up for Round 2 with Jalen Ramsey

Gene Chamberlain

Allen Robinson has continued to build his reputation for catching virtually anything thrown his way.

Robinson has yet to drop a pass this year, although he had a few 50-50 balls he couldn't pull down which turned to interceptions.

One thing Robinson hasn't done is get a new contract and one thing he hasn't proven is his ability to make catches for significant yardage against his former teammate, Jalen Ramsey.

The two former Jacksonville Jaguars will square off again Monday night on plays when Ramsey lines up over him. In their only meeting so far Ramsey came out a decided winner.

Robinson could get open last year for only four receptions and 15 yards against the Rams. Robinson only had fewer receptions last year against the Eagles, when he had one catch for 6 yards.

"He's a physical corner," Robinson said. "I think that everybody's looking forward to it.

"What he brings to the table is the physicality and things like that, but again, myself, I'm looking forward to it."

At 6-foot-1, 208 pounds, Ramsey is better able to match up with 6-2 Robinson in jump ball situations than many cornerbacks.

"He's gonna compete run play, pass play," Robinson said. "He's a top-two corner in his game, depending on who you're asking, as far as being No. 1 or whatever."

In fact, Ramsey has been so good that Rams believe he transcends the mere cornerback position.

Former Bears defensive assistant Brandon Staley is the Rams defensive coordinator and has Ramsey playing in a sort of roving spot. He'll do in the secondary what Aaron Donald does on the line, and move around, He'll sometimes line up at right cornerback, but often they'll put him to the other side or in the slot, and sometimes even at what essentially is linebacker or slot cornerback.

"I see him like a LeBron James is used in the basketball court, where he's a positionless player," Staley told Rams reporters last week before they played the 49ers, a game the Rams lost 24-16. "We're going to put him where we feel like it's best, and fortunately he's got (a) skill set to be able to move him around some."

Ramsey is as effective as he despite all the moving around. He has a 78.9 passer rating against and 53.6% completions allowed so far, and is allowing only 4.9 yards per target according to Sportradar.

Pro Football Focus has Ramsey graded at 73.5, which is better than Kyle Fuller has been for the Bears. It's Ramsey's best grade since he had a career-best 90.6 with the Jaguars in 2017.

Ironically, while Robinson still has no contract for next year and talks have gone nowhere, it was Ramsey who got his cash in a big way.

In September, the Rams made him the highest paid defensive back ever with a five-year deal for what ESPN reported to be $105 million including $71 million guaranteed.

The money came in handy when Ramsey received a $15,625 fine for being beyond physical. He was in an outright fight two weeks ago with Golden Tate of the Giants due to an off-field dispute.

Ramsey's ex-girlfriend is Tate's sister, Breanna, and the two had two children together. Ramsey reportedly left her during the second pregnancy for another woman.

There is no bad blood going on in this week's battle between receiver and defensive back, only respect by Robinson for Ramsey's skills. The two were teammates in Ramsey's rookie year of 2016 and then in 2017, but Robinson's 2017 season ended in the first week then with a torn ACL.

"I got a chance to play with him for a couple years, and now playing against him, we know what kind of guy he is," Robinson said. "It's gonna be a fun challenge."

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