What Does Bears Absence Mean?

Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer reported the Bears didn't plan to attend the second Trey Lance pro day workout on Monday, April 19 and this could only mean one of eight or nine things.

In a surprise move, the Bears have been reported among the teams deciding to miss the second Trey Lance pro day Monday at North Dakota State.

It had been widely expected coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace would be among those attending. However, Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer had this factoid in his Monday Morning Quarterback.

Breer did point out the Bears were at the first pro day. Washington and Carolina were sending no one, as well, and Washington is badly in need of a quarterback. 

Some would suggest Carolina is, too.

The first pro day in March was when Pace reportedly met with Seahawks GM John Schneider about a possible Russell Wilson trade.

The absence of the Bears could mean something about their approach in Round 1 or Round 2 of the draft.

Then again, it might mean nothing at all.

Here are the endless possibilities (The Long List):

1 They've already seen enough to know where they rate him and at what point it would be all right to take him in the draft. Their draft board is set, and usually at this point that's been the case for every team for days or even weeks.

2 They've seen every one of his college games on film and scouted him and were at his first pro day and they've already decided they don't like him.

3 They realize that despite his athletic abilities he will be a project quarterback due to total and complete inexperience. They're not exactly in a position to use such a raw rookie quarterback who needs more seasoning. Remember, the Bears need a playoff win according to team CEO Ted Phillips.

4 They already know where the cutoff will be for the last of the top-five quarterbacks in Round 1 of the draft and they have no intention of trading up that far and giving away draft picks to take him.

5 They're drafting a different quarterback, already know who and already know where. This one would go right along with the theories being floated that they'll take Davis Mills at No. 20, and everybody else and their ratings be damned.

6 They are taking a tackle, receiver or cornerback in Round 1 and have decided quarterback is either a later-round project or not necessary in this draft.

7 There was no point because, as Breer pointed out, Lance wouldn't be throwing to receivers he knows since they're holding North Dakota State's season right now.

8 It's been almost a month and a half now since all of this started and just like all of us, they're sick and tired of pro days.                                                                                

9 They don't need Lance. They've already made a trade for Russell Wilson.

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